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Post by Liniyka on Tue May 08, 2018 8:18 pm

Rule #1: Don't be a cunt
Rule #2: Racism?
Rule #3: ok....

Ok, a bit more serious now. We want our server to have the least amount of rules and regulations possible. Our priority is freedom to have fun and talk about whatever you want. However, we still want to have some rules to ensure that the server doesn't become an unplayable piece of shit (>assuming it's not a piece of shit already). So, remember a few main things:

  1. If we see you chat spamming, ur fucked
  2. If you want to troll, go ahead! However, make sure you are creative and not obnoxious about it. If you just tk somebody out of the blue, we are going to ban you. No hard feelings bro, should have put more thought into it. So all in all, trolling is allowed but only in a fun and non-toxic way
  3. Don't timewaste. It's not funny and it's fucking retarded
  4. No admin impersonation

Well, that's about it. We might add more in the future, but this is how it is right now. Enjoy your stay!

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