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Read before applying! Empty Read before applying!

Post by Liniyka on Tue May 08, 2018 2:38 pm


So, you want to join DN? Awesome! However, make sure you consider a few things first:

DN is a clan that focuses primarily on being social and having fun. We are NOT a competitive team of any kind, and the skill level of the clan members doesn't matter to us. What DOES matter is if the person is easygoing, open-minded, has a good sense of humour and knows how to have fun.

We don't want overly serious people who get triggered over an insult or a teamkill. If you cannot handle that - I'm afraid this place is not for you. If you can, and you agree with our philosophy - go ahead and apply!

Some clarification as to how DN works and to ranks that are mentioned here (link):

DN is run by 2 people (Consuls) - me and Forto, and we make all the decisions regarding the clan.

Next are Praetors, who are the trusted DN people who have access to a hidden section where we plan to discuss all important matters. They have smod and moderation powers on the forums and on the discord server.

Then come Arbiters, who are DN members trusted with an smod account on our server. Their job is to make sure everyone has a fun time on DN server (and admin abuse a little).

Coming up next are Aediles, who are the full DN members who have passed the 1-month trial. They are the core of our clan, the brave warriors of the DN legion.

And last but not the least are Soldiers, who are the newly accepted initiates. They have 1 month to prove themselves to be cool and awesome enough to be in DN.

Rank progression is quite simple, we plan to observer the activity of clan members and promote the most active and helpful ones. Wanna climb the ranks? (Secret code - "kid is not an insult") Make sure to be active in-game and in our community, promote the clan and help recruit new people! Don't feel like it? No worries, just chill and enjoy being a part of DN.

As for the things we are planning to do - our first goal is to form a stable community. For starters we just want to recruit some people and have fun playing the game together. 
Once we have an active group of 10 people or such - we plan to start doing events. These will be strictly for fun, and will include something like server raids or good old FA events (slenderman, aliens, jawarace).

And that's about it for now. Finished? Now go and fill out that application, stupid

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