Ranks and in-game tags

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Ranks and in-game tags Empty Ranks and in-game tags

Post by Liniyka on Mon May 07, 2018 6:58 pm

Ranks lol
So anyway we have ranks and shit

Consuls and praetors form the council that discusses important issues and shit regarding DN 

Consul - {DN}Liniyka|C

Some fags idk?


Praetors are like important dudes so they can like vote on important decisions and shit and have access to very sekrit forums


Arbiters are cool DN dudes with smod lol

Aedile {DN}Liniyka|A

Aediles are full DN members. They are cool and good)


Soldiers are newly accepted people. They must pass the trial (1 month usually) before they can become full DN members!

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